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T.J.Maxx win!

Yesterday I found myself in a super-mega rush to find the perfect outfit at T.J.Maxx (long secret story, details later). The end result was a decent outfit and these booties:

Report “Britt”

I hemmed and hawed, bitter at the fact that it is so me to gravitate to the one expensive shoe at a discount store. But after I saw these, no others would do. Sigh. I sucked up the $69.99 price tag and went home with a mixture of happiness and regret. They served their purpose well, and I pretty much love them. So today I went to look them up online to post here, and they were on Report’s home page! And they are still $110 (down from $125) everywhere! Score. I love a deal.


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Dying to get my hands on…

A snake-y piece of jewelry! Ever since falling in love with my previously mentioned snake-embellished shoes I have been really drawn to snake detail. Here are some pieces I adore:

Kenneth Jay Lane snake ring, $128 at Max and Chloe

Kara Ross snake cuff, $250 at Kara Ross

Elizabeth and James snake bracelet with teeny diamond, $125 at Neiman Marcus

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I have been really wanting to try some of the newer “matte” nail polishes floating around. I am a pretty loyal OPI-er, as my lovely husband gave me a ton last xmas and I also love their line with Sephora. After some research, I ended up ordering a bottle from their “Suede” (matte with glitter, basically) collection. I chose Lincoln Park After Dark, which is a really beautiful deep purple.

The picture really isn’t very true to life, I chose it based on some beauty blogs reviews/pics.

Everyone mentioned that there is a caveat to the matte formulas, which is that they chip easier than standard OPI. I am AMAZED at how much of a difference there is. The color is gorgeous, but “chips easier” really means chips instantly. It might work for a night, but it would look battered towards the end. Bummer. Some chemistry genius needs to get to work on this! I want matte nails that I can actual wear for longer than an hour without looking like I bite my nails.

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Bing cashback

PSA for any fellow deal/eBay lovers…Bing.com’s cashback program is currently at 20% for BIN eBay purchases. This makes me sad because a) I already made all eBay purchases I needed for the holidays, and b) I have no discretionary cash and losing out on a deal makes me cranky. So I hope someone gets good use of this opportunity!

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I think it is safe to say that Robert Redford’s Sundance Catalog is not aimed at my demographic. However, I am not sure why people my age don’t shop there more often. Their jewelry is really gorgeous and original. I was looking through my Mom’s copy today, and saw tons of great stuff. Here are a few of my favorites:

How stunning are these bangles?? $48 for all 5

I really really love teeny, dainty pendants. This one comes in all initials, gold plated with a tiny diamond, $68

Pretty much the same as above, but no initial. So cute! Also $68

I love these as a more interesting version of the classic pearl earring. $58

They also have some gorgeous higher-end stuff, like this necklace. $1170

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ballet inspiration

I almost died of ad love when I spotted this while thumbing through a magazine:

pic via joesjeans.com

I adore anything ballet-inspired, and the clash of classic with edgy in this picture is just fantastic. It perfectly depicts the reason I totally love ripped skinny jeans right now. This is a look that is very “me”. When I was in college before leggings et al. came back around, I wanted to be a ballerina for Halloween as an excuse to wear leg warmers and a wrap sweater. Now I could kick myself for getting rid of that sweater.

In my recent Forever21 binge I got a sweater from their ballerina-meets-punk Twist collection that is cable knit, with mid-length sleeves, chiffon trim around the collar, and a incredibly flattering short length. I love it over dresses.

I really need a new pair of black pumps since I discovered all my shoes are now too big (side note – wtf?? How does that even happen?) and I really really want these someday:

Christian Louboutin “Lolo” pump, pic via Neiman Marcus

How cute would these be with jeans?? Or an a-line skirt? If anyone sees a cheaper version, let me know!

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