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1) If you haven’t, please watch Valentino: The Last Emperor. Delightful, inspiring, etc. etc. I love his designs, and I love his personality. Watching his banter with Giancarlo made me laugh out loud. He is kind of a divo and a stubborn as all get out, but I love it.

“I don’t want a crazy girl. I want beautiful, but something strong also”


2) Also, I am currently obsessed with fashion books. For Christmas, I received Dior’s fashion dictionary, which I love. It’s full of Dior’s fashion advice and “rules”, some of which are timeless and all of which are historically important.

The other book on my mind, which I am still reading, is Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It’s Luster which I thought might be really boring based on the title/cover but is in fact incredibly fascinating. Especially from a fashion history perspective. Worth reading for sure.

3) The reason I have not been blogging so much these last few weeks is that I lost my job, and poking around the internet looking at beautiful things is a little depressing. Besides, all my internet poking-around is devoted to Monster.com and the like.

4) On that note, I start classes next Monday in Parsons Fashion Marketing program. Yeah. So excited I might die. Geeking out at the list of alumni, the courses I will take, and the textbooks for this semester.

5) Remember my post on ballet-esque stuff? Well, apparently Elle got that memo too, Feb. issue is chock-full of it!

6) I had a bunch of eBay promo credit, and I ordered this:

Kenneth Jay Lane elephant bangle. For some reason I am kind of bracelet-obsessed these days.


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