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After yesterday’s post on Marchesa and the possible tattoo stockings, I laughed out loud when I saw these at our local costume store:

miamiinkpay no attention to anything but the stockings

Those are a part of a line of costumes done by Miami Ink (the tattoo artists from the TLC show). These do not touch the beauty of the art in the Marchesa ones (if they even exist?) but still, I was amused. And these were $10.


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Marchesa, continued

While I was checking out shows on style.com, I decided to check out Marchesa’s Spring 2010 RTW. I loved most, and disliked some, but here are two pieces of note:

marctightsAre those pantyhose?? I really hope so, because they are amazing. All the beauty of really well-done black and grey tattoos in a piece of lingerie? Sign me up. They might just be drawn on, but in that case SOMEONE needs to make hose like that.

I also paused for a moment to admire this blazer:


Beautiful. I love that shade of white. While I was staring at it wistfully, I realized that there is something in the same vein but much more my price point sitting in my Forever21 wish-list:

F21blazerCrossing my fingers that this sucker isn’t sold out by the time I get my b-day $ next week!

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Before I scored the awesome cardi below, I won this Cynthia Rowley dress on eBay:

crcherryblossomSilk + cherry blossoms = ❤

I love all things tree/branch patterned. Plus, it was NWT (that say $375) and I paid…$23. Yes. Win!

So after all this Cynthia Rowley luvin I decided to pop on over to Style.com and check out her Spring 2010 RTW line. While I was largely unimpressed, I totally need these pants:

crowleypantsI mean, really! Look at them. They are perfect.They are a fantastic combination of “ripped/slashed rocker look” and “polished and feminine”. My favorite combination!

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If I hear the phrase “recessionista” or “frugalista” (damn you, Target) one more time, I might die. In fact, not a fan of anything that ends in “-ista”.


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You are purple, a little sheer, and made by Cynthia Rowley. Just lovely.

crowleycardiAlso, you are new and I got you on eBay for $12. I adore you already and can’t wait for you to get here. Love, Carrie

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I have long loved Forever 21. Granted, there is a lot of crap but there is also a decent amount of good stuff you can find for cheap that is way cute when worn correctly (ie:not all at once). My wish-list there at the moment is embarrassingly long. It is full of trendy things that I just wouldn’t pay a lot for. I could care less about the quality since I will likely only wear them a season. For those things, Forever 21 is perfect.

Now, I would never buy shoes there. I just wouldn’t. My personal philosophy, especially these days, is that shoes are an investment. Shitty shoes are shitty shoes. It is my new MO to rock the $$$ shoes with duds found on eBay or TJMaxx or the like. It is all about the SALES, people. Just wait until I reveal my latest treasures in a few days! Insane.

OK I have totally sidetracked myself. The point is, Forever 21 lost 8 bajillion cool points when during my constant surfing on their site I saw these:

f21lameHuh? Is that a sliver of red I see on the sole? Is Louboutin doing a F21 collaboration? I think not. Thank God. So, I clicked on them and then saw the full evidence:

f21lamerUgh. I feel sick to my stomach. I am imagining now 12 year olds in these pleather monstrosities, totally stealing the glory away from my teeny collection of legit red soles. The red soles I scoured for on eBay, the ones I had to get authenticated, the ones I totally saved and splurged on to treat myself for the double whammy of a really tough year and turning a quarter-century ancient.

Louboutin is a master. He is an artist, and a genuine fan of the female. I KNOW that my shoes are 800000000 times more beautiful, timeless and well-made than those…things, but dammit it makes me mad for him! I only wear his shoes and that offends me.

I haven’t decided if this is grievous enough for me to forgo the $18 sequin-trim tunic I have been eyeing, but I am going to have to seriously think about it. F21, you were supposed to be my dirty cheap little secret, and now you are making me question my morals. Way uncool.

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If it is, I don’t want to be right! I just spied these beauties just released as part of Christian Louboutin’s resort collection:

STRARATATA 140 brocart fabricLucky for me, these may be available on the ‘Bay for less $ than retail by the time I come off my shoe ban next summer!

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