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The other day I randomly thought “I want turquoise nails”. But I didn’t want just any old turquoise. I wanted a true, close-to-the-stone blue/green. I first looked at Sephora.com, since their OPI line is my fave. Lo and behold, they had the perfect shade! I saw Ocean Love and immediately planned a trip to the mall. It turned out fantastic! Love love love.

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So, for my degree I have to take a design class. I am REALLY excited for it! It’s great because not everyone is on the design path, so there are some talentless nerds like me who just want to learn about it. For our first homework we had to create “mood boards” for our “line” (haha, I will have a line!) that demonstrate our aesthetic and inspirations, and who we were targeting. Anyway, if the low-res doesn’t kill them, here are mine.I had a ton of fun working on them, but they took me forever. And I got a pretty new scanner, because after all that work I was not about to ruin it on some crappy scans!

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I highly suggest reading this blog post about the evils of Forever21. It made me sad, but my morals are now screaming at me for patronizing such a disgusting business. The knockoffs had bothered me, but I let it go. This straw is breaking this fashion-loving-but-broke camel’s back. Kudos to 39th and Broadway for the post. Le sigh. I do have a gift card for there to use, which I will use since my in-laws gave it to me…but after that, no more. So long, Forever 21. It was fun while it lasted, a-holes.

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I was pumped when my KJL elephant bracelet from my previous post arrived. A friend had just come over to go to lunch, so I ripped it open and just kind of glanced at it. It was cute, but something seemed…off. I decided to investigate later. I did, and lo and behold, it was a knockoff. I hate knockoffs! Anyway, I got a refund, and GUESS what is headed my way??? This bracelet! Blogged on 11/15, wanted for months before that, so I am really really really excited. They all of a sudden dissapeared from eBay, so I thought all hope was lost.

Side note – school is hard! I love it still, and I will be back later to post some examples from my first homework assignment. Off to a job interview! Lame job, but could be a sweet setup for me being in school and all. We’ll see.

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