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Logically, I adore Gilt.com. What’s not to love? Recently, I purchased these bangles from Amrita Singh’s Bangle Bangle collection. LOVE!

Size comparison shot, with my wedding band (and I have huge fingers!)

So now I just have to find some guts somewhere so that I can wear them all together at once. These suckers are heavy!


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outfit posting

I decided that I am going to try and start posting some outfits. I haven’t really done much before, since a) I am no model and I feel stupid having my picture taken, and b) I don’t have anyone photographically inclined handy to take the pics.

But, I want to post them, so I will. Probably mostly from my webcam, but oh well.

Last night husband and I were just kind of running around, dinner with some family and then drinks later just the two of us. I REALLY wanted to wear my new Aldo wedges, but I felt like they may not translate well for in-law time. So, I decided to try out my new black and white dot heels.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Not terribly exciting. Torn black jeans and belt, Forever 21. Top (which I want to love but never do), random local boutique. Heels, Not Rated.

Closer look at belt:

Closer look at heels:

Also guest appearance from my Chihuahua, Rhett Butler 🙂

I thought about adding this jacket, but didn’t. I do think this pic shows the jacket well, though:

I really want a light color pair of these jeans, but am battling against my self-imposed F21 ban. Also, I may want them a little higher quality/lighter weight. These were only like $17 though!

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Lynn Wyatt

There was an article in last month’s HB about a Texan socialite (for lack of better title), Lynn Wyatt.

Please, please, please read it.

Something about this article really struck a cord with me. I so badly want to be like her. She embodies the type of personality and general fabulousness that I hope to someday achieve. Some memorable quotes that stuck out to me:

“A lady should never wear a wristwatch after eight. Why? A gentleman will always give her the time” (I always thought evening watches were weird? Too dainty for my wrist anyway!)

“Jewelry can never be too heavy, and heels can never be too high.” (Exactly!!)

“She describes her style as ‘classic, with a dash of sass — but never trash.’ ” (Similar to the Valentino quote I love about beautiful and not weird.)

Aside from her fashion amazingness, she just seems so strong. I have chided myself lately…”Lynn Wyatt wouldn’t cry because she can’t find a job. Be like Lynn!” or “Lynn Wyatt wouldn’t act like a brat if she were scared. Hold your head up and act like a lady”.

Of course, I don’t know Lynn and maybe she would do those things? But I doubt it.

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The List

I realized yesterday that I have a sort of mental “list” of pieces that I really want in my closet. It ranges from the relatively near future (distressed light color skinny jeans, the perfect black cami) to longer range goals (I’m looking at you, Chloe Bay bag).

Is this normal? OK I should never ask that. I decided to at least try to get the list down and out of my head since it stands no chance of survival there.

  • something Marchesa
  • something Chanel
  • the perfect timeless leather bag
  • a vintage exotic leather piece (am obsessed with this website)
  • THE winter white coat I have been searching for for 3 years
  • A piece from M. Frey or Frey-Wille  (holy gorgeous enamel jewelry, batman)
  • something from one of Alexander McQueen’s lines (before he passed)
  • ANYTHING Valentino (but preferably before he retired)
  • ditto, Dior
  • a totally killer clutch that is so crazy it can only be paired with a LBD
  • Cartier twist ring (looks like a twist tie, which is what my husband proposed with) and a Cartier love bangle
  • the perfect daytime watch, probably leather strap and rose gold face

The point is that I want my closet to end up somewhere between thrift shop and museum, with pieces that are classic and really build a collection. There are probably 8 million other items, but those are the ones that immediately came to mind. When it comes to brands, I try not to be a brand whore but there are some houses that just fascinate/inspire me and I like to own genius when I can.

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Fashion Mags

There is really no shortage of fashion-centered magazines. I currently have subscriptions to Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, W, V, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Really, I don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with Vogue. Yes, I like it. Yes, I will probably always get it. But honestly? I am TOTALLY obsessed with Harper’s Bazaar. I never bought it, it’s not widely available here and when it is it’s in the back of the magazine racks. But recently, desperate for images for a class assignment, I grabbed it.

Wow. There were at least 3 photo spreads that blew my mind. Creative, beautiful, thought-provoking. Why don’t people mention this all the time? Why aren’t there movies about it instead?

If anyone has any other faves, I would love to know!

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Last night I sacrificed my iPhone to St. Patrick. Really, I just dropped it in a bar toilet and it died. Yes, the toilet was clean. Or, as clean as a bar toilet can be…which is probably not clean but at least I hadn’t peed in it yet. This was obviously a bummer. Best way to deal with shitty stuff? Buy shoes, naturally.

I also happened to find out this week that I did not get this job I really wanted and had 2 interviews for. Awesome. Also in this process, I discovered that the only pair of interview-acceptable shoes I have are about 1.5 sizes too big, and require 3 pads to keep them on.

Do you know how hard it is to find interview shoes?? Pair the fact that I am a firm higher-the-better heel devotee (no one wants to hire a hooker) with the fact that designers are currently OBSESSED with peep toes (hello, wearing pantyhose is shitty enough) and you have a disaster.

So I went to our local Off Broadway and did not find any interview shoes, but I did find these:

Of course, I do not need them. I even thought to save the name and buy them after I have a job. But when I googled, they were at least $20 more everywhere I found! Nuts, since they were only $35 at OB. And I had a coupon. So I ran back and got them, and now my toilet/phone debacle stings a little less.

Oh, and I got these on 6pm for interviews:

Pretty happy, they aren’t too high, but aren’t ugly either. And they were cheap. Win win win (bonus points if you know this reference).

PS If you haven’t, RUN to a new tab and go to 6pm.com. I think it’s Zappo’s outlet, but whatever it is I LOVE IT. Cheap and fabulous shoes galore. Seriously, it’s nuts.

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Lady GaGa

Makes me want to:
– Lose 20lbs
– Get 10 more tattoos
– Learn to dance
– Put something random on my sunglasses

Her and Beyonce’s lastest video/mini movie for Telephone is, of course, insane. I am scared of her and enthralled all at once.

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