Holy evil sizing, Batman! When the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection was released this weekend, I ordered a few pieces just to check them out. The piece I was most excited to see in person was the black cloque dress.

*I am now realizing that I can’t get good pics from Target.com and am too lazy to take any myself, so this post is most likely going to end up lame.*

Link to dress

Anyway, when I got to it there was a size 1 and a size 7 left. I ordered the 7, figuring it was a safe bet. Well, it arrived today and seriously, it’s tiny. I wear a pretty solid 4 in dresses unless the boob area is small, and I literally could not get the damn thing over my hips. I finally wiggled into it and I couldn’t get it over my boobs either. Fabulous.

People in the fashion industry like to speak of vanity sizing with disdain, but I am all for it! Put a tag with a little number in your clothes and I will be a customer for life. I would, however, be a proponent of standardizing sizing to avoid situations like this one.

The dress is really nice. The fabric (which I have seen some people complain about) is different and reminds me of a parachute in a good way. The patter is super subtle, much more so than on the web. I adore the pleating detail. My only other complaint is the leg opening. Even had my sausage thighs been a JPG for Target 7, they would have been sticking too close to each other for comfort all night long. I don’t particularly like being that girl that walks in a shuffle.

I also ordered a tattoo-print bikini and wrap top. The print is much prettier in real life, very vibrant. It just isn’t “me”, and the bottoms are also teeny tiny and squeeze where I don’t want them too and show entirely too much of what I would like to keep to myself. The top has no opening, just an elastic band, which I think I like? Not sure.

The wrap top is far and away the best of the pieces I ordered. It is silky and feels beautiful. But, since the bikini is a no go it’s all headed back to my local Target to make some Ed Hardy enthusiast’s day.

**Another side note…this is all post emotionally draining job interview, so I am particularly fragile. Now I am off to finish my marketing midterm while wearing my pretty Loubies and remembering fondly the days when I used to bring home a paycheck.


When I started poking around the internet looking for info and pics from Alexander McQueen’s a/w 10 show, I found this image that literally took all the breath from my body.

God, what a piece. It incorporates many of my favorite things, namely feathers and tulle. It is so…McQueen. It’s odd because right after that first moment of bliss from seeing it, I immediately felt so sad that there will never be another chance to be taken aback by what he sent down a runway. Sure, his line will go on (and I am glad) but it won’t be the same. Kind of like reading a really good book the first time. You can reread it all you want but you never get back the experience of discovering it for the first time.

I am totally determined that at some point in my life I will own something McQueen that was designed before his death. Got to get as close to genius as I can!

Nashville deals!

There is NOTHING in this world that feels as awesome as finding good deals on good stuff. I went home to Nashville a few weeks ago and hit the jackpot! I wanted to go to the Goodwill in Franklin (affluent area) and never even made it there. Instead I got stuck at this teeny up-scale consignment shop. They only carry designer brands, and they were having winter clearance, 50%-75% off. Here are my scores:

First up ^ this adorable quilted leather Burberry headband…$12

Next we have this MINT Anthro red suede bag…$16

This piece ^ made me squeal. A vintage Halston ostrich leather bag, a kind of taupe-y color…$15

TERRIBLE picture, but a Sigrid Olsen black raw silk coat, tags still on ($299 MSRP)…$2o. Love the empire cut!

Another awful pic (I need to get better!) this super cute Calvin Klein dress with pockets and belt, $12. Macy’s tags still on, see below!

Last but certainly not least, this raw silk swing jacket. I love the one big button and the way it falls. The pattern is killer. Looks busy in the pic, but in real life it’s killer. Looks good with the pink dress, grey or black. Love! Best part…$6

recent shoes


I love a good tote bag. What is better than throwing your laptop, 2 books, a planner, wallet, and lunch in one bag and throwing it over your shoulder on your way out the door? I was never really a backpack kinda gal, in school I always carried my things in a tote.

Being the proud new owner of an extremely aesthetically pleasing MacBook Pro (and cuter-than-average notebook sleeve), I am now on the hunt for a new tote to house them + a textbook that I can take with me when I start working again (please God let that be soon!). Seeing as I don’t have this job yet, I can take my sweet time perusing and weighing all the options.

Here are some of my current faves:



The other day I randomly thought “I want turquoise nails”. But I didn’t want just any old turquoise. I wanted a true, close-to-the-stone blue/green. I first looked at Sephora.com, since their OPI line is my fave. Lo and behold, they had the perfect shade! I saw Ocean Love and immediately planned a trip to the mall. It turned out fantastic! Love love love.